Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas in Franklin 2010 (Part 2)

Ok, here are the rest of our Christmas pictures from Nashville! Below are two videos from our time there. The first one is when James learned to swing the way Justin taught him. The second one is at Cassie's house. James is jumping on the trampoline with his older cousins and having a blast!

Just one of the beautiful snowy scenes from Mom and Dad Payne's back yard.

James was dying to go outside first thing in the morning and look at the snow (or at least he was dying to go outside, like usual). So Justin held him while still in his pjs and let him take it all in :)

Experiencing snow on the leaves

Another beautiful scene (so inspiring to an artist :)

James finally got dressed warm enough to play in the snow

Justin helped him make a snowball

Kramer enjoyed his time outside too

Stopping for a quick picture. I didn't last long out there. It was FREEZING!

One quick trip to the fence and back

James LOVED playing in Pop's red truck.

"Can we stay in here all day?"

We had our Christmas gift exchange at Cassie's house, and Pops began his traditional Santa role, passing out gifts to the family.

Here are the cousins, anxiously awaiting their gifts!

Justin helped Pops pass out gifts

The kids opened their gifts from Justin and me. I had the opportunity to paint them little canvases that (hopefully) match each of their rooms! I love getting back into painting.

Rebecca, Anna Blair, Josiah, and James did such a good job sharing the magna doodle.

Sweet little Lydia (a few months older than James)

Before we left Frankin, we tried to get a family picture. This is the best we could do with someone not really in the smily mood. :)

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  1. Oh - we LOVED the videos - just giggled at the trampoline one. So proud he didn't cry! And loved how he was draped over the swing.
    Great snow pictures, too. Thanks for posting! (I think I'm ahead of you though - woohoo!) :-)