Friday, February 18, 2011


Back in college when Justin and I were dating, I loved that he wore those 80's wristbands on his forearms. It was kinda his "thing". He was known for wearing them. He had tons of them...all different colors, solids, stripes, etc. You can see in the picture above that he is sporting one of his wristbands when we were on our cross country trip in Boston, maybe in 2003?

Well, as most people know, Justin saves just about everything (although he is getting better about letting things go :) James recently found Justin's box of wristbands, and turns out...James LOVES them. James has never seen Justin wear one before. But all of a sudden I would see James walking around the house with a wristband on his arm. Sometimes two on one arm. It has been so funny. It doesn't matter what he is wearing. He just pushes those sleeves right on up so the wristband can fit! We have been cracking up about it.
Here are some pictures of James being like his daddy. :)

Two on one arm

Two on one arm again, in his church clothes.

Before bed in his jammies ;)

And if you go back to the post about our "Reveal", James is wearing wristbands in some of those pictures too! Hahaha.

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